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About Music SA

Making it in Music

Established in 1997, Music SA is a not-for-profit organisation committed to promoting, supporting and developing SA music.

Music SA runs music business training, a comprehensive SA music industry website, music workshops, an advisory service for SA artists and practitioners, industry development activities including events and seminars, accredited qualifications, as well as providing performance opportunities for emerging artists. The music industry is an exciting and challenging field with many areas of specialisation. The Music SA training program focuses on areas of music business, performance and sound technology to help you get a head start on your career in the business of music.

Each course features prominent guest speakers, including lawyers, publicists, venue operators, event and band managers – people who make their living from the music business – who are happy to share their skills and experiences to make your learning easier. Past Music SA students are now working in areas as diverse as promotions, booking, artist management, music media and publicity as well as performing as self-managed artists.

Music SA is committed to providing you with education, training and development opportunities in the music industry.

Our Philosophy

Education Philosophy

We believe the purpose of the education process and experience at Music SA, is to prepare our students for their Music Industry vocation, and help them understand where this fits into their process of lifelong learning.

Our Vision

  • Deliver best practice, project-based training.
  • Create an environment that accelerates learning and boosts performance of participants, assisting them to become music industry professionals.
  • Formulate relevant and practical learning materials, activities and assessments, so participants gain current music industry skills & experience.
  • Develop a supportive environment, allowing learners to discover what they love to do, which leads to greater enthusiasm for their work.
  • Develop a strong sense of community amongst the participants, building the social capital needed to sustain the local industry in the longer term.
  • Foster industry networks and learning outcomes, leading to employment opportunities.