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VET: GENERAL INFORMATION for Secondary Schools


Music SA has been delivering contemporary music programs in partnership with the music industry into secondary schools since 1990 with proven success. VET (Vocational Education Training) Music provides the opportunity for students to expand their post school opportunities in music whilst gaining a nationally accredited vocational training certificate and contributing to their SACE. Music SA VET Programs can provide up to 70 SACE Credits for students per year.

As a guide, students are able to gain the following credits through Music SA programs:

Accredited Course Sace Credits Sace Stage
Certificate I In Creative Industries 35 1
Certificate II In Music (full year) 35 1
Certificate II In Music (partial) 10 1
Certificate III In Music (full year) 45 2
Certificate III In Music Business 45 2
Certificate III In Technical Production 45 2
Certificate IV in Music Business 75 2

Many Secondary Schools in SA are now delivering VET based Music Programs, and there are excellent resources available. The cost becomes prohibitive however where there are only a few students who are wishing to engage with the program.

The Music SA VET programs are perfect for schools where there are 1 – 5 students who are wishing to engage with Music VET and where the School does not have the capacity to support these programs internally. Importantly, the Music SA VET program has direct links to the music industry, providing hands on experience, work placement opportunities and networks that are not offered or available elsewhere.


Why Should I Study VET?

Studying VET as part of SACE can give students a head start in a career by developing hands-on skills in areas of work and industry that are of interest while at the same time being able to complete SACE.

Once students have chosen the VET options the VET coordinator at the school can help work out how many credits need to be achieved at Stage 1 or Stage 2, and how to claim them on completion of a VET course. Up to 180 out of 200 SACE credits can be earned using VET. Students can also focus their Personal Learning Plan and Year 12 Research Project on any chosen industry area.

For more information contact the Music SA Training Coordinator:

Nev de Boar
Mob: 0401 092 271 or