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Lachy Riches

Lachy Riches

Lachy Riches

  • Posted by simon-perrin
  • On December 5, 2019
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Lachy Riches is one of the students to recently finish the Music Business Course for 2019 and it’s well and truly been a big year for him!

Many of Lachy’s endeavours and creative projects stem from his passion of Hip-Hop and Australian Rap, such as the event he held at his Dad’s Warehouse in the Southern suburbs of Adelaide. This community event showcased local hip-hop artists and was a great success due to Lachy’s hard work and genuine enthusiasm. Despite starting out as an assignment for the Music Industry Course, Lachy is now taking matters into his own hands and continuing to push Dad’s Warehouse as Adelaide’s only music-specific venue in the Southern suburbs – a prime example of the outcomes we wish for our students!

Lachy plans to open the warehouse as a record store during the day, with a basketball ring and small quarter pipe, to create a place where local community can gather. He is inspired by the work of Northern Sound System (a Youth Music Centre in the Northern suburbs of Adelaide) and wishes to combine music with social work at Dad’s Warehouse. He also wants to transform the space into a recording studio in the future!

Lachy onsite and repping merchandise at Dad’s Warehouse.

Shipping container at Dad’s Warehouse.

Another avenue that Lachy has taken this year is in Artist Management. He is currently managing three local acts; Taylor Robinson, Zain and Lil HT.

Lachy speaks positively of his time at Music SA and the wider music community in general, stating “My favourite part of being at Music SA was getting to talk purely about music and things that i don’t get to talk about often between my own crowd… I’ve made new friends and expanded my social circle. I really dig all the little festivals people are organising all over the city and can see Adelaide starting to change from just a city atmosphere to having things happening all over in different spots around the suburbs!!”

Dad’s warehouse merchandise

Dad’s Warehouse logo.