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  • On July 13, 2020
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What a year it’s been so far, for everyone in Australia and all over the world! Despite the challenges and hurdles of COVID-19 we’re so happy to report that our CUA30915 Certificate III in Music Industry (Performance)* students have been welcomed back into the classroom and are collaborating on songwriting and musical compositions – getting ready to record their original works in the next few weeks (while maintaining physical distancing of course!).

Once the songs are recorded, they’ll be uploaded to Triple J Unearthed for everyone to hear, rate and review. We’re always so excited to listen, so stay tuned for updates and join us in checking out the hard work of all the bands.

Source: Triple J Unearthed website.

This is a welcomed change since students have spent the earlier part of the year completing predominantly theory-based topics such as WHS, Copyright and Develop Industry Knowledge.

It’s also worth noting that Music SA have just invested in new recording and PA equipment, so that our students are working on up-to-date gear and to ensure the songs sound great!

Mario Späte with the CUA30915 Certificate III in Music Industry (Performance)* students.

The units currently being covered throughout these activities are Compose Simple Songs or Musical Pieces, Make a Demo, Apply Knowledge of Style and Genre to Music Industry Practice as well as Investigate Micro Business Opportunities.  Students have had been lucky to hear from two incredibly talented guest speakers this year, Tom Gordon and Mario Späte. Tom is a member of Horror My Friends and West Thebarton. He also works at Yours and Owls while managing local bands in Adelaide! Mario Späte is an award winning songwriter, producer, sound designer and engineer who has worked with an extensive list of acclaimed Australian artists.

Other good news is that our beloved trainer Dale is back from paternal leave, having welcomed a happy and healthy baby Brianna into the world. Congratulations Dale, we’re very happy for you and the family and it’s great to be able to welcome you back!  Thank you to Kim for holding the fort while Dale was on leave.

Dale with his newborn, Brianna.

And finally, one last welcome must be extended to our new student, Angus Brill Reed! Angus is a singer-songwriter who is already performing and releasing music, and we’re really glad to have him on board amongst a great cohort.

Source: Angus Brill Reed Facebook page

For more information on courses, check out the ‘2020 Courses’ tab and if you’re interested in studying at Music SA, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us via the webform here:

* CUA30915 Certificate III in Music Industry (Performance) is delivered under a third party arrangement with the College of Sound and Music Production (COSAMP) RTO Code: 41549.  The AQF certification will be issued by COSAMP.